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Introducing Open Acquisition System for Consortium Management of Other Transaction (OT) Contracts

Open Acquisition System (OAS), a Contract Lifecycle Management system designed for complex Federal and Defense procurement programs, enables consortium managers to evolve beyond traditional content and artifact management systems such as SharePoint.

OAS-CM Key Value Adds:

  • Supports Transaction Fee – Automatic transaction fee calculations, collection, auditing, and reporting for awarded sub-contracts.

  • Supports Procurement Data Standard – Automate the collection, submission, and tracking of submitted end-customer procurement documents such as Problem Statements, Statements of Work, funding information, and administrative information.

  • Small Learning Curve – Get administrators, members, and proposers fully acquainted with the system in less than two hours.

  • The Software is the Contract – Only pay for and use the software during the life of the contract.

  • Faster Vetting and Onboarding of Members – Automatically validate, approve, and enable membership applications against the System for Award Management (SAM).

  • Detailed Transactional Reporting – Automatically gather contextual reporting on subcontract awards, the who, what, where, when why and how of contractual information.

  • Track Obligations and Expenses in Real Time – Automatically track obligations, expenses, and invoice submissions.

  • Single Sign-On Support – Integrations are available to support SSO identity providers.

  • Make it Easy to Onboard New Members – Lower the barrier to entry for new companies, universities, and research organizations, and expand access to innovations and ideas. Member user accounts are always unlimited.

Why Consortiums Should Consider OAS-CM

OAS-CM is for consortium managers that administer research and development Other Transactions agreements on behalf of the Government.

OAS-CM is designed for organizations that need more basic document management functions but do not need the full capabilities of an enterprise-wide contract writing system.

OAS-CM is a web application that offers the advantages of a robust contract lifecycle management system but is tailored to the nuances of OTAs, such as transaction fees, proposal creation, evaluation, funding, and award.

OAS-CM is small and manageable, unlike traditional solutions that are part and parcel of huge enterprise-wide, all-encompassing systems that drive the entire company. The software lives only for the length of the instrument because the software becomes the whole instrument itself.

OAS-CM from a technical standpoint is fully extensible via APIs; effectively and seamlessly moving data between the software and enterprise reporting systems. It can be self-managed on a self-hosted instance, self-managed via cloud hosting or delivered via Software as a Service (Saas).

For a most satisfying and eye-popping experience, get in touch with us today to set up a personal demonstration of the entire Open Acquisition System for Consortium Management.

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