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Open Acquisition System

The Open Acquisition System (OAS) is cloud-based software that provides contract lifecycle management for corporate and government acquisition projects.  

About OAS

Acquisition Management

From managing the purchase of office supplies, furniture and equipment in the corporate world, to acquiring a new aircraft for the Air Force, the Open Acquisition System keeps all users involved with real-time transactions and workflow responsibilities.

Contract Change Managment

Large projects have changes, massive projects always have massive changes. Changes require contract modifications. The Open Concurrent Contract Modification (OCCM) module makes short work of this complicated, expensive, and time-consuming process.

About OAS

Acquisition Management

From managing the purchase of office supplies, furniture and equipment in the corporate world, to acquiring a new aircraft for the Air Force, the Open Acquisition System keeps all users involved with real-time transactions and workflow responsibilities.

Contract Change Managment

Large projects have changes, massive projects always have massive changes. Changes require contract modifications. The Open Concurrent Contract Modification (OCCM) module makes short work of this complicated, expensive, and time-consuming process.

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The Open Acquisition System
What OAS does

What OAS is


Our software is available for use from most any platform, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It is browser based so all you ever need is an internet connection.


Whatever the contract type your organization needs, OAS has it available, built-in. Contract types include IDV, IDIQ and BPA.


Start small and grow or start large and grow larger. Regardless of the organization’s size or location, your organization will never out-grow OAS.


The system works beautifully for the Department of Defense, Federal, and local governments and the private sector of Corporate America.


As in cloud-based and like all web-based applications, there are no client-based applications to worry about. All data is stored in the cloud, no need to worry about desktop failures or backups.


Custom workflows for every functional area help keep the acquisition process organized and efficient by routing documents effortlessly and instantly.


Get answers immediately because OAS data transactions happen in real-time. All information is updated instantly for all users and stakeholders.


Cost is scaled to the usage via subscription, per user or per transaction. Pay only for what is needed for your organization.


The system is welcoming to the basic data that every organization needs for the procurement process. OAS holds projects, product catalogs, vendor information, budgets, and of course users, approvers and stakeholders.


Built into the system are regulations, error checking, workflow approver checks and balances.


The system is intuitively designed for the end user’s convenience and ease of use. As such there is very little training needed and most users will need only minutes to become acquainted.


The system can be installed at user’s server farm, Amazon Web Services or nGAP systems, depending on what is best for the organization.

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What OAS Does


Every OAS purchase transaction has real time, 100% transparency. From contracts for major equipment acquisitions to office supplies, from high-level budget summaries to the most granular line-item detail, all transactions are permanently stored so managers and stakeholders can see who approved it, when it was approved, where it was sent, who received it and why. All the details are available to export for every transaction, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Cost Management

Advanced planning for purchasing is the difference between getting the right item at the right price at the right time, or not…as often exposed by the media when government purchasing goes wrong. OAS embeds acquisition planning in the Projects module so that the entire project team can collaborate in real time on all elements of the procurement process. OAS process efficiencies cut cost, reduce waste, and protect against fraud and abuse.

Data storage

All data is automatically and securely stored in the cloud where backups and data protection are constantly applied. Every datum for every contract document and every change order and every project is instantly retrievable from storage, whether to perform analysis, reporting, auditing, or additional transactions. Every transaction is instantly and automatically stored and secured.

Acquisition Planning

Acquisition planning involves defining or locating contract types and contract elements that pertain to a particular contractor, sub-contractor, or project. Such requirements vary depending on the private enterprise or government agency involved. Fortunately, OAS has acquisition planning built into the functionality of OAS so users can collaborate anywhere in the world and create appropriate contracts well in advance of required contract completion. Last minute year-end rushes and associated risks are minimized while completing work on time and on budget becomes the new standard.


Workflows route contract documentation instantly between every stop in the approval process, enabling virtually instantaneous review of the most complicated contract instruments. OAS users create workflows in moments for actions ranging from initial requirements to final invoice. Workflow participants receive immediate notification when it is their turn to act.

Contract Lifecycle Management

OAS is above and beyond the scope of traditional contract management systems. All parties to the development, management, modification, and approval of a contract instrument are in the loop. All T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted to mutual approval, and where the real work may begin with minimal delay.

Open APIs

Our browser-based contract lifecycle management system is a complete software product, but it is also available as an add-on to a contract writing system or to a complete enterprise reporting system via our extensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This makes it possible for companies to “bolt on” elements of OAS to their own proprietary software, thereby providing their users with the best of both worlds. These APIs enable moving data effectively and seamlessly between OAS and any enterprise system.


Summary reports are available for every level of the project’s organization: 

  • Analyze spending, deliverables, and authorizations.

  • Compare budget to actual expenditures.

  • Review comparative performance by buyer, contracting officer, organization, vendor, contract, and more.

  • Identify and investigate abnormal data items or data sets.

  • Track obligations and expenses.

  • Easily review real-time financial, transactional, and contextual information.

  • Identify training issues.

  • Create, save, print, and file custom reports by drilling down to see all details behind the summary numbers.

Because the system is browser-based, it is available to managers and stakeholders anytime anywhere.

Federal Regulations

Government spending is typically bound by complex policies that, while well-meaning, typically toss a monkey wrench into the expediency of contract approval. OAS has all Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR) standards built in and ready to quote verbatim or by reference so contracts can be approved more quickly, and real work can begin.

Spend Tracking

OAS provides protection for the budget and the overall spending process by allowing for extensive options to set and grant spending limit permissions for all users. OAS reporting capability allows managers and stakeholders to quickly spot and react to trends in spending. They can immediately see how much was budgeted, how much is committed and in process, and how much is still available to spend. With OAS real-time data, the answers are immediately accessible anytime of day, anywhere in the world.

Audit Capable

OAS offers complete system transparency for auditing. When an auditor needs to know who, what, where, when, why, or how, the answers are instantly available, always using real-time data. The auditor can drill down to see details behind every number in the project, from preliminary budget to line-item detail.


OAS is constantly evolving as new features are added and as software bugs are fixed. New enhancements are always included at no extra cost or consideration. Such enhancements and bug-fixes are available instantly and automatically everywhere users are located. As users access the software, they may rest assured that they are always using the most current version with no risk of losing data.

Open Concurrent Contract Management (OCCM)

Open Contract Change Modification is a system for managing changes on massive projects such as the shipyard maintenance of a naval warship. Changes on such projects are a given. Changes almost always involve cost, but changes also take time. OCCM shortens the time and complexity of issuing contract modifications. Work resumes sooner, saving both time and money. OCCM was designed from scratch to address the problems associated with projects where there are dozens or hundreds of contracts, change orders, cross-discipline requirements, multi-departmental authorities, budget impacts, funding authorizations, and management oversight. 

OCCM Process.png
Open Concurrent Contract Modification (OCCM)

Contract Change Management

Revising an existing contract, by itself, does not seem that difficult. But when a prime contractor has a massive project such as the maintenance of a US Navy warship, not only are there dozens of sub-contractors but dozens or hundreds of project changes. Each project change requires revision of the contract before the sub-contractor can proceed. OCCM enables quick turnaround of contract changes.

Audit Transparency

OCCM is an auditor’s dream because every contract, every contract modification, every acquisition, and every expenditure, no matter how large or small is instantly and permanently available for audit analysis. OCCM data is always up-to-date through real-time data management and is available to auditors anytime of day and anywhere in the world.

Post-Project Analysis

All data collected in the process of contract modification and revision are captured permanently for management analysis. When the project is closed out, OCCM data points will enable thorough study of what worked and what didn’t and how lessons learned can improve future projects.

Time is Money

Requirements frequently change on projects. When changes happen the sub-contractor often must stop work until a revised contract funds and authorizes the new work. Time is lost. OCCM enables the fastest turnaround of contract modifications so the sub-contractor may return to the project with least loss of time and money.

Critical Path Preservation

The need for contract modification often involves work stoppages, for example, when a sub-contractor cannot proceed until the contract is adjusted. Time is lost and sooner or later, work stoppages will impact the project’s promised delivery date — or in project management lingo — the critical path. OCCM is designed to minimize work stoppages by quickly delivering contract changes so work can resume with the least delay.

Financial Accountability

With OCCM every project task is documented from beginning to end. Project approvals, product specifications, budget authorizations, delivery locations, and spending records are instantly available to all financial stakeholders. Spending approvals and records are completely transparent and available for in-depth analysis.

Acquisition Regulations

OCCM, as a module of the Open Acquisition System, accesses all the regulations to which sub-contractors must adhere. Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR) and other contracting regulations are built into the system, updated regularly and included in delivered contract instruments.

System Connectivity

OCCM is contract system agnostic in that it works with any contract writing system or external corporate enterprise reporting system. Two-way data connections are automatic through connectivity options available with our Application Programming Interface (API) services.

Concurrent Processing

OCCM simultaneously processes multiple contract changes against multiple contract vehicles. Such modifications involve hundreds of additions, deletions, new work orders, payments, funding, additional options exercises, delivery schedule extensions, stop orders and terminations.

Workflow Management

Contract revisions often require engineering review, cost review and budget adjustment, project scheduling and approvals at various levels, departments, and locations. The bigger the project the bigger the approval process. OCCM enables an electronic workflow process that routes a contract change instantly to all involved parties. No sneaker-net, no faxing, no extra paperwork. Every participant in the workflow can do their part with no time wasted between stops in the process.

Software Deployment

The Open Concurrent Contract Modification system is a module of Open Acquisition System which can be used as part of OAS or as a separate, free-standing implementation. The module is browser-based and can be deployed as standalone system or a component of the OAS system for end-to-end contract lifecycle management. OCCM is scalable, configurable, customizable, SaS and COTS, and accessible in a browser.

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