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Use Case for Companies Managing Sub-contractors

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Your firm was awarded a government contract in which you are responsible for ensuring maximum small business participation to meet small business contracting plan requirements. Potential Sub-contracting companies are everywhere and vetting them all to find a few good prospects is a tedious exercise necessitating collection of tons of data on dozens or hundreds of prospects. Is the prospect eligible to work with Federal contracts? Can they adhere to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)? Can they account for the cost or time-and-material orders? And once you have narrowed the list to qualified potential vendors and begin receiving bids, how will you validate capability, price competitiveness, compatibility, and the likelihood of a successful relationship?

And if that’s not enough, your own internal and enterprise systems don’t always talk to each other and when they do, there are missing elements that hinder on-boarding, off-boarding, quote, bid, response evaluation, and award. Moreover, the ability to compare and choose the most desirable prospects is a time-consuming manual spreadsheet process at best and a time-sink nightmare at worst.

But wait, there’s more. Once you have chosen the best sub-contractors for the project and the work is started (whew!), requirements and expectations change. Now contract change management rears its ugly head and you are faced with keeping track of multiple contract changes to multiple contracts with multiple sub-contractor vendors. You need to process the changes quickly so that work can proceed with minimal delay…so that the contract change management process is not a bottleneck to project delivery, as is often the result.

If this scenario is remotely familiar, then our Open Acquisition System is a particularly promising solution. Open Acquisition System (OAS) was developed by nGAP to specifically address, in one integrated system, the challenges of small business sub-contractor management.

  • OAS reduces the complexity of managing huge pools of small business prospects.

  • While completely integrated, OAS freely talks to your internal enterprise systems seamlessly.

  • When it comes to getting information out of the system, OAS shines by providing real-time reporting and auditability on all sub-awards and activities.

  • The OAS learning curve is measured in hours instead of typical days or weeks.

  • With OAS, sub-contractor compliance with applicable Federal regulations and clauses is tracked automatically.

  • End-to-end financial management is streamlined through robust cost accounting capability.

  • Collaboration between sub-contractors, project teams and government contract teams is effective, efficient, and in particular, seamless for all parties to the project.

The Open Acquisition System is a cloud-based system that easily integrates with your internal enterprise systems, sub-contractors, and government systems to provide instant, real-time information to all parties to every sub-contract project. Get in touch today to schedule a live demo and learn more about how OAS may be the perfect solution for your sub-contract management needs.

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