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nGAP Inc. Professional

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services to support the community of companies serving the requirements of the United States Department of Defense.

Procurement Systems Data Analysis

We offer our expertise and analysis to guide clients in understanding how purchasing decisions impact their organization. From financial transaction analysis to the depths of contract line-item minutiae, we provide organizational support to answer tough questions posed by DoD, especially when large volumes of data impact contract lifecycle management systems.

Software Product Management Consulting

If your organization needs help interpreting the jargon and complexity of defense market lingo such as Risk Management Framework, FedRamp, Continuous Authority to Operate or NIST-800-153 Privacy Controls, nGAP Inc. is here to help. We offer support and expertise to help organizations craft solutions around developing, testing, maintaining and operating software products in the DoD environment.

Business Process Systems Analysis

The Department of Defense business systems for acquisition and procurement are very involved and complicated, especially for companies that are newly interested in providing goods and services to the DoD. Our procurement and technical experts can help organizations engage in contract lifecycle management and develop policy, procedures and guidelines that are essential for working with the DoD.

Software Development Services

Is your organization expanding its software product offering to include logistics, project management and contract lifecycle management? If so, we offer software development augmentation services to bring expertise to the domain of acquisition lifecycle and contract lifecycle management. Our USA-based staff are knowledgeable of DoD systems and business processes, use the agile development methodology and are experts at Dot Net, Dot Net Core, C#, Microsoft SQL Server and more.

Consulting Services

From understanding DoD acquisition intricacies to providing integration of a commercial procurement solution, nGAP Inc. consultants provide technical, business and acquisition expertise to help project teams, business analysts and technical leads understand and align with the latest trends and methods for providing defense business systems modernization.

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