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nGAP Inc. Capabilities

Acquisition, procurement, and contract lifecycle management for requirements of the Department of Defense.

Our Expertise

Founded in 2008, nGAP Inc. is a software development and professional services company specializing in contract change management as well as acquisition and procurement management for clients with very large operations and projects, primarily the United States Navy. The company has developed software specifically designed to cope with contract changes on

  • Multiple simultaneous projects with

  • Various contract types and

  • Dozens of stakeholders managing

  • Hundreds of sub-contractors and disciplines with

  • Thousands of contract change orders costing

  • Millions on massive projects costing billions


We also offer our software development expertise in contracts and contract change management to provide research and consulting services to companies who in turn provide contract lifecycle services to major contractors such as the Department of Defense.

Open Acquisition System (OAS)

This browser-based software system is designed to manage the acquisition and procurement contract lifecycle process for large organizations. The system enables accountability for the entire supply chain process while offering complete transparency, auditability, and peace of mind for senior contracting managers. 

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Professional Services

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Open Concurrent Contract Modification (OCCM)

This module of the Open Acquisition System focuses on the process of contract changes. With all projects and especially very large projects, work changes are a given and when changes happen, contracts must be revised. But it is much more complicated than that. A contract change often means a work stoppage while other work or a revised contract is approved. With massive projects like warship maintenance or hospital construction such changes negatively impact timelines and budgets. OCCM makes it possible to process contract changes almost instantaneously, thereby saving both time and money.

We offer a variety of professional services in support of the community of companies delivering the requirements of the Department of Defense.

  • Procurement Systems Data Analysis. Guiding clients in the complexities of purchasing and organizational impacts.

  • Business Process Systems Analysis. Finding solutions to acquisition and procurement processes employed by the Department of Defense.

  • Consulting Services. Defining for clients how the Department of Defense contract lifecycle and change management function for massive projects like warship maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

  • Software Development. Integrating client software to address Department of Defense requirements, especially in acquisition, procurement and contract change management.

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