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The Open Acquisition System

We create innovative, effective solutions to address our clients' most complex challenges.

The Open Acquisition System (OAS) is cloud-based software that provides contract lifecycle management for corporate and government acquisition projects.

OAS Objectives

OAS is designed specifically to make contract changes faster, easier, and more effective.


Massive projects have a huge number of contractors (and contracts), that  create numerous changes as work progresses. Changes require contract modifications…and work stoppages.


The fact of the matter is this: the time needed to execute contract changes is often greater than the time needed to do the actual work!

Understanding OAS

  • Our software is available for use from most any platform, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It is browser based so all you ever need is an internet connection.

  • As in cloud-based and like all web-based applications, there are no client-based applications to worry about. All data is stored in the cloud, no need to worry about desktop failures or backups.

  • The system is welcoming to the basic data that every organization needs for the procurement process. OAS holds projects, product catalogs, vendor information, budgets, and of course users, approvers and stakeholders.


  • Custom workflows for every functional area help keep the acquisition process organized and efficient by routing documents effortlessly and instantly.

  • The system is intuitively designed for the end user’s convenience and ease of use. As such there is very little training needed and most users will need only minutes to become acquainted.

  • The system works beautifully for the Department of Defense, Federal, and local governments and the private sector of Corporate America.

What OAS Does


Project Design

Every OAS purchase transaction has real time, 100% transparency. From contracts for major equipment acquisitions to office supplies, from high-level budget summaries to the most granular line-item detail, all transactions are permanently stored so managers and stakeholders can see who approved it, when it was approved, where it was sent, who received it and why. All the details are available to export for every transaction, anytime, anywhere in the world.



Workflows route contract documentation instantly between every stop in the approval process, enabling virtually instantaneous review of the most complicated contract instruments. OAS users create workflows in moments for actions ranging from initial requirements to final invoice. Workflow participants receive immediate notification when it is their turn to act.


Federal Regulations

Government spending is typically bound by complex policies that, while well-meaning, typically toss a monkey wrench into the expediency of contract approval. OAS has all Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR) standards built in and ready to quote verbatim or by reference so contracts can be approved more quickly, and real work can begin.


Cost Management

Advanced planning for purchasing is the difference between getting the right item at the right price at the right time, or not…as often exposed by the media when government purchasing goes wrong. OAS embeds acquisition planning in the Projects module so that the entire project team can collaborate in real time on all elements of the procurement process. OAS process efficiencies cut cost, reduce waste, and protect against fraud and abuse.


Contract Lifecycle Management

OAS is above and beyond the scope of traditional contract management systems. All parties to the development, management, modification, and approval of a contract instrument are in the loop. All T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted to mutual approval, and where the real work may begin with minimal delay.


Spend Tracking

OAS provides protection for the budget and the overall spending process by allowing for extensive options to set and grant spending limit permissions for all users. OAS reporting capability allows managers and stakeholders to quickly spot and react to trends in spending. They can immediately see how much was budgeted, how much is committed and in process, and how much is still available to spend. With OAS real-time data, the answers are immediately accessible anytime of day, anywhere in the world.


Data storage

All data is automatically and securely stored in the cloud where backups and data protection are constantly applied. Every datum for every contract document and every change order and every project is instantly retrievable from storage, whether to perform analysis, reporting, auditing, or additional transactions. Every transaction is instantly and automatically stored and secured.


Open APIs

Our browser-based contract lifecycle management system is a complete software product, but it is also available as an add-on to a contract writing system or to a complete enterprise reporting system via our extensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This makes it possible for companies to “bolt on” elements of OAS to their own proprietary software, thereby providing their users with the best of both worlds. These APIs enable moving data effectively and seamlessly between OAS and any enterprise system.


  • Our software is available for use from most any platform, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It is browser based so all you ever need is an internet connection.

  • Whatever the contract type your organization needs, OAS has it available, built-in. Contract types include IDV, IDIQ and BPA.

  • Built into the system are regulations, error checking, workflow approver checks and balances.

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