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Savantir is the nGAP trade name for a specialized software application that transforms undefined textual information into clean data structures suitable for data management and real time analysis.

In the real world of massive and complicated projects such as the construction, maintenance, or modernization of Navy warships, there are multitudes of disciplines involved. Dozens of independent companies are required, and each has its own way communicating…using just as many kinds of documents. And while a particular document style may sufficiently serve one company, when all those documents are collected for overall project analysis, the disparate nature makes thorough and timely analysis impossible. The extraction of useful data is a manual and labor-intensive process that is prone to errors in transcription and interpretation. Enter Savantir.

Module of OAS

Savantir (sah-VON-ter) makes short work of disparate forms of information. Documents such as textual images, Word files, and PDFs are transformed in real time into accurate data elements and inserted into a database with other existing data, thus enabling the efficient and timely project analysis, resulting in valuable insights and actionable lessons learned.


Savantir is available as a module of the Open Acquisition System (OAS) and the Open Concurrent Contract Modification (OCCM) system, where output of the transformation process is seamlessly incorporated into the processes of acquisition and contract management.

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