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The nGAP Solution for Lightning-Fast Contract Change Management will improve US Navy Fleet Readiness

nGAP’s OCCM significantly accelerates contract change processing from months and weeks to hours and minutes for Navy shipyard projects.

"41% of Chief of Naval Operations maintenance availabilities were completed on time in Fiscal Year 2023" —Carlos Del Toro, United States Secretary of the Navy, Maritime Industry Roundtable, March 18, 2024

BONSALL, CA, USA, June 3, 2024 / -- nGAP Incorporated announces availability of software that will significantly benefit the shipyard projects of the US Navy. Every Navy shipyard project such as shipbuilding, maintenance, or modernization involves dozens of vendors, hundreds of contracts, and thousands of changes spanning months or years and costing millions or billions.


Major construction projects experience changes to the original project plan; it is just the nature of large projects and Navy shipbuilding, maintenance and modernization projects are no exception. Unplanned changes are expensive in both time and money. But when a Navy shipyard project is delayed there is a cascading effect on all future shipyard projects. Fleet readiness is severely impacted. Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy, said in a Maritime Industry Roundtable this past March 18 that 41% of recent maintenance projects were completed on time. Opportunity exists for significant improvement.


Projects are delayed because of changes to the original project schedule. Every change must be evaluated and approved, a process involving planning, engineering, funding, scheduling, supply chain, workflow and vendor contracts. Understanding the scope of a single project change is revealing, but what affects almost all project delivery schedules is that there are literally thousands of changes on every shipyard project. Thousands. When a change happens, work is often suspended while, among other things, the vendor’s contract is amended to reflect the new requirements. A major contributor to delays is the process required to modify a vendor contract so that the vendor can resume work.


Our software will significantly shorten contract revision delays. The Open Concurrent Contract Modification (OCCM) module of the Open Acquisition System (OAS) takes the contract revisions process that normally spans months and weeks and reduces that timeline to hours and minutes. The OCCM workflow system routes contract revision documents through dozens or hundreds of review and approval steps, anywhere in the world, electronically and in real time. Contracts can be revised much more quickly, resulting in the vendor resuming work sooner. Multiply by thousands of changes on every shipyard project and the vision to improve US Navy fleet readiness becomes reality.


About Us -- Established in 2008, nGAP is located in the San Diego suburb of Bonsall. nGAP Incorporated is a certified small business enterprise developing software for managing acquisitions and procurement for very large organizations.

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