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OAS Insights 2.0 - Acquisition Evolution

Keys to Acquisition Evolution (AE) Process

Reduction of time to process, allowing for more real-time actionable information by increasing component and task interactions towards actionable data. This increases the ability of all users to interact in concert with a timely and on-budget process.​


The capabilities of AE are formidable and represent a derivative of our AI capabilities. To coordinate potentially thousands of tasks with thousands of people in a symphony of activity is critical to produce a product and service that comports to expectations. These expectations set the processes in action, and AE delivers on coordinated actions as propagated by the selected users.


​While delivering on multiple reporting capabilities in real-time, managers can be assured that each step is delivered on schedule. Any anomalies can be flagged instantly to bring in immediate corrections, thereby reducing the time delays associated with processes impairments, such as typical vendor supply chain issues. AE is harmonized with all aspects of the contracting and acquisition processes to increase readiness.

*This illustration is a conceptual representation

OAS Insights 2.1 - Acquisition Evolution

Acquisition Evolution (AE) Keys

  • Reducing complex actions to one mouse click

  • Real time communications to all parties (so actionable information doesn’t sit for days and weeks)

  • Sophisticated workflow engine designed into OAS and OCCM

  • All processes are available to all parties with permissions (no delays in transactional matters)

  • Using complex algorithms combined with machine learning leads to technology able to adapt artificial Intelligence

  • Thousands of users, thousands of actions, thousands of task orders, thousands of processes, all enabled via Acquisition Evolution

  • Acquisition Evolution uses a vertical approach to government contracting, with technology able to simultaneously process actions and transactions instantly from contract creation to contract closeout

  • Contract closeouts processed with a one mouse-click solution

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