OAS Enterprise is a Comprehensive Acquisition Life-cycle Management Solution

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Acquisition Planning

OAS Acquisition Planning unleashes the power of collaboration and teamwork to address complex requirements

Cost Management

Cost management is built throughout OAS Enterprise from planning through implementation

Transparency & Accountability

Transparency & Accountability links people to data in a way that promotes confidence and trust

"nGAP provides global solutions for real time accountability and transparency for governments as well as private industry."

Recent Press Releases

Launches Procurement Solution in Conjunction with Brazilian Partners


nGAP Incorporated announces an initiative to introduce its OAS procurement management solution in Brazil....

nGAP Accounces Services in Mexico


OAS is being implemented at the Secretary of Education and Culture (SEC), Sonora, Mexico. The SEC is the state of Sonora’s Department of Education and Culture, and supports over 4,500 schools and 3 universities...

Health and Human Services Conference Industry Day


The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) held an industry day on April 6 at their Fisher Lane Conference Center in Rockville MD...

nGAP Announces OAS Enterprise


nGAP announces the fulfillment of its vision for comprehensive acquisition lifecycle management. The Open Acquisition System (OAS) is now OAS Enterprise...

The Changing Landscape of Acquisition Solutions


When nGAP introduced the Open Acquisition System (OAS) nearly a decade ago, reduced transaction time and related savings were our major marketing focus...

Purchase Card Analytics


While Federal Government audit reports consistently reveal significant and repetitive failure to comply with existing law and policies on purchase card misuse...