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Welcome to nGAP Inc.

We offer cloud-based solutions for the contracting of acquisitions and the management of contract changes.

Our focus is primarily on very large enterprises such as the United States Department of Defense.

About nGAP Incorporated


Headquartered in the San Diego suburb of Bonsall, California, nGAP Incorporated is a small business enterprise producing software for the full lifecycle of acquisition and contract management


In short, short is our objective. Massive projects have massive contractors and contracts. And massive projects create massive changes as work progresses. Changes require contract modifications…and work stoppages. The fact of the matter is this: the time needed to execute contract changes is often greater than the time needed to do the actual work! Our software is designed specifically to make short work of contract changes.


nGAP Inc. also offers Professional Services in systems analysis, software development, cybersecurity, and program management. We offer consulting services for acquisition and procurement transaction analysis, contract change management, and in general, contracting issues arising out of massive construction projects.

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The company was founded in 2008 and initially built and expanded upon contract management research in association with the United States Naval Post Graduate School, which resulted in the creation of the Open Market Corridor program, a collaboration between the school and the Department of Interior for creating and deploying a lightning-fast acquisition process.


The Open Acquisition System (OAS) provides a solution for the contracting process for contracting officers who work with huge construction or maintenance projects involving dozens or hundreds of vendors and work disciplines, lasting months or years, with budgets of millions or billions. A separate module, Open Concurrent Contract Modification (OCCM) preserves the project’s critical path by providing almost instantaneous contract modifications when changes occur.

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Our mission today is to share with the world how our software solutions provide huge benefits in time and money for extremely large projects such as maintenance and repair of warships for the US Navy.


Our expertise focuses on further development of solutions for extremely complex contracting requirements on massive projects such as warship maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). These projects involve the simultaneous coordination of contracts for dozens of job disciplines, varied contract vehicles, and ubiquitous contract change modifications. We strive to reduce time needed for the contracting process, thus favorably impacting the project’s critical path, and speeding the warship’s return to mission readiness.

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Learn more about nGAP Inc. 

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