OAS Enterprise and OCCM is a Comprehensive Full Lifecycle Contract Change Management Solution

Concurrently manage and execute changes over many contract vehicles at the same time and in real-time

OAS Enterprise OCCM

Use Cases

Availability Contract Planning and Synthesis

Turn your project and engineering documents into Procurement Data Standard(PDS) compliant contracting documents that are ready to be sent to your Contracting Writing System

Availability Work Package(AWP) Contract Change Management

Connect your engineering teams, contractors, and contracting officers to handle hundreds of contract changes in real-time and ensure your contract file is up-to-date

MS-MO and MAC-MO Contract Vehicle Task Order and Change Management

Are your spreadsheets too cumbersome? OCCM can manage large IDIQ/IDV/BAP contracts from award to close-out in real-time

Contract Data Requirements Lists(CDRL) and Contract Line Item Number(CLIN) Management

OCCM can parse, transform, and synergize your project CDRLs so one can make informed decisions effectively and quickly. No integrations needed

"If the Information systems you use can be compared to a road, and your contract management strategy and approach is your car, then driving down a two-lane pothole-strewn dirt road in a bright red sports car at full speed is not the most cost-effective way to go from point A to point B. Isn't it time to start using a six-lane smart highway?"

Technical Program Manager, Mason Beninger

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