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Provide software solutions that deliver substantial time and cost savings to organizations that manage large projects, including the construction, maintenance, and repair of warships, for the US Navy.

Fleet Readiness

Reduce the time it takes to process thousands of changes—from days and weeks to hours and minutes—during shipbuilding, maintenance, and modernization.

Acquisition Process

The acquisition process is extremely time-consuming. Acquiring goods and services is so time-consuming that it may adversely affect fleet readiness. Opportunity awaits improvement.

Contract Modification

Change is inherent on complex projects like warship maintenance. Every change requires a contract revision. The time needed is often greater than the time needed to do the work. Speeding up the change process will improve fleet readiness.

Maintenance Analysis

Manual conversion of thousands of important textual documents is massively time-consuming and prone to errors in transcription and interpretation. Transforming textual images to data in real time will improve fleet readiness.

Acquisition Evolution

Acquisition begins with simple contract management and quickly evolves into something vastly more complicated when a contract has hundreds of parts and the project has thousands of changes, all occurring concurrently. 

Simple Acquisitions

Acquisition evolution begins with an illustration (below) of conventional contract management, beginning with the solicitation and award through to invoice and payment, and even with a simple change or two.

Complex Acquisitions

Simple instantly evolves into an incredibly complicated time sink when large projects have thousands of changes, often discovered concurrently (illustrated below), that require work stoppages, evaluation, remediation, and contract revisions.
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