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nGAP Releases Another Acquisition Tool to Improve US Navy Fleet Readiness

"When database scraping with artificial intelligence and machine learning isn’t enough, enter Savantir." —Mark Beninger


San Diego, May 22, 2024—nGAP is proud to announce the release of its latest product, Savantir, for data extraction and analysis. Savantir, (sah-VON-ter), is a tool that converts textual information into actionable data in real time. Converted data is instantly available in relevant databases for immediate analysis. Savantir is also adept at converting and transforming disparate data sources into a single database for more advanced and thorough analysis.


“Imagine a situation in which there are thousands of documents and most of them are in PDF and Word format,” says Mark Beninger, nGAP CEO. “Documents differ in form, function, and format, but they all have something in common: each contains important details which, if incorporated with other database data, would yield a critically improved resource for analysis. Such is the case when the US Navy is evaluating the data collected during the maintenance of a warship. Savantir instantly extracts critical data from thousands of documents, converting unstructured information into the matching fields for analysis.”


Savantir enables real time extraction of actionable data compared to the extremely time-consuming process of reading and entering data manually. That time savings, when dealing with thousands of documents, expands data values, speeds up analysis and, for the US Navy, will enable improved and earlier lessons learned for future operations, contributing, eventually, to improved fleet readiness.  


Please visit the newly redesigned nGAP website for more information on Savantir and nGAP’s other acquisition management and change management solutions: Open Acquisition System (OAS) and Open Concurrent Contract Modification (OCCM), respectively. Savantir is an integrated module of both OAS and OCCM and is also available as a standalone solution.


About Us— Established in 2008, nGAP is located in the San Diego suburb of Bonsall. nGAP Incorporated is a certified small business enterprise developing software for managing acquisitions and procurement for very large organizations. SavantirTM, is the nGAP Incorporated trademark for its new data extraction and consolidation tool.

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