The nGAP team develops and markets
acquisition solutions for government
and other large organizations

About Us

Our experience with government contracting requirements has provided the unique insight needed to create the financial and operational control large organizations expect.

Our solutions conform to the strict regulations that our customers are required to follow. In addition, we incorporate forms libraries so that our solutions produce outputs in formats that each customer requires and can use within their existing systems.

nGAP developers are also experienced in integrating our solutions with legacy and financial systems. By doing so, we provide increased value and assistance to our customers who are focused on their core missions.

Sitting on top of our contracting and order processing functions is a comprehensive reporting capability that can house data from a multitude of systems and agencies. Using forensic and reporting tools, our customers can implement oversight objectives across and within all organizational elements.


nGAP Incorporated was founded in early 2008 and is headquartered in Bonsall, California. The company was created to provide unique cloud based solutions that effectively address many of the challenges of enterprise procurement. Company leadership has conducted scores of meetings with government and business leaders to advance nGAP accountability and transparency solutions.

The company’s vision is to create and deploy enterprise class solutions that support a comprehensive approach to the acquisition lifecycle.

The solution that will address this vision is the Open Acquisition System, otherwise known as OAS.

Key company personnel each have several years of experience in developing and/or marketing procurement solutions. Personnel have even testified before Congressional committees on the subject of government procurement.

Order fulfillment is accomplished by integrating branded websites with OAS systems as required for each unique organization.

Want to build something great? Join us.

The nGAP team is comprised of a talented pool of experienced and dedicated professionals who take great pride in developing world-class products and delivering exceptional customer value.

Believe in Yourself - For several entry level positions, we view potential and positive attitude just as highly as past experience to determine a person's fit within our organization.

We continue to build our team to meet business needs. So submit your resume today and let us know how you can contribute to the success of our customers' success.

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The success of nGAP is due in large part to our many partners, who combine their products with their government and business expertise to create communities of interest through which all parties benefit.

OAS solutions lower transaction costs. This statement is validated when an organization takes the time to measure its actual costs for processing orders, invoices, or payments. One government agency estimated that it saved 20% on order processing costs alone by using OAS order processing functionality.

If you add these savings to OAS accountability and planning benefits, OAS customer partners can uncover major savings for their clients.

nGAP's partners know their customers better than anyone and have expertise in their customers' specific industries. nGAP and its partners can bring together the strengths of each other to create partnerships that exceeds expectations.