nGAP Solutions that fit your business needs

Have You Ever Wondered

Have you ever wondered if there is a way keep track of your contracts and sub-contracts without the hassle of buying a huge Enterprise Reporting System or a contract management system? There is.

Have you ever found it difficult or even impossible to get complete, accurate, immediate, and most of all, up-to-the-minute financial answers on relationships between budgets, authorizations, commitments and expenditures? Most do.

Have you ever been frustrated that the process of routing documents for approvals requires email or—worse yet, sneaker-net—and that the amount time wasted is simply staggering? Ditto.

Have you ever wished for a reporting system that provides reports that are easy to read, easy to understand, readily available for stakeholder access, and current as of a minute ago? You bet.

Consider the Open Acquisition System (OAS) from nGAP.


The Open Acquisition System (OAS) provides lifecycle management of the acquisition process. From managing the purchase of office supplies, furniture and equipment in the corporate world, to acquiring a new aircraft for the Air Force, the Open Acquisition System keeps all users involved with real-time transactions and workflow responsibilities. The system is completely transparent to stakeholders and senior managers providing immediate big picture answers as well as finite details. The Open Acquisition System is also an auditor’s dream.

Who Needs OAS?

Let’s take a closer look at your acquisition lifecycle:

  • Is your acquisition process complicated even for relatively simple purchases?
  • Does your acquisition process involve stakeholders in disparate locations?
  • Does your acquisition process cause cost overruns, delays or work stoppages?

If so, the Open Acquisition system just might be the solution.

OAS-The Fifty-Thousand Foot View

Key features of the Open Acquisition System

OAS is Available. Our software is available for use from most any platform, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It is browser based so all you ever need is an internet connection.
OAS is “Cloudy.” As in cloud based and like all web-based applications, there is no client-based applications to worry about. All data is stored in the cloud, no need to worry about desktop failures or backups.
OAS is Receptive. The system is welcoming to the basic data that every organization needs for the procurement process. OAS holds projects, product catalogs, vendor information, budgets, and of course users, approvers and stakeholders.
OAS is Flexible. Whatever the contract type your organization needs, OAS has it available, built-in. Contract types include IDV, IDIQ and BPA.
OAS is Organized. Custom workflows for every functional area help keep the acquisition process organized and efficient by routing documents effortlessly and instantly.
OAS is Observant. Built into the system are regulations, error checking, workflow approver checks and balances.
OAS is Scalable. Start small and grow or start large and grow larger. Regardless of the organization’s size or location, your organization will never out-grow OAS.
OAS is Now. Get answers immediately because OAS data transactions happen in real-time. All information is updated instantly for all users and stakeholders.
OAS is Easy. The system is intuitively designed for the end user’s convenience and ease of use. As such there is very little training needed and most users will need only minutes to become acquainted.
OAS is Inclusive. The system works beautifully for the Department of Defense, Federal and local governments and the private sector of Corporate America.
OAS is Organized. Custom workflows for every functional area help keep the acquisition process organized and efficient by routing documents effortlessly and instantly.
OAS is Affordable. Cost is scaled to the usage via subscription, per user or per transaction. Pay only for what is needed for your organization.
OAS is Installable. The system can be installed at user’s server farm, Amazon Web Services or nGAP systems, depending on what is best for the organization.

The Software is the Contract

Our system manages the entire process from initial requirements to the final award of a contract. In short, with OAS, the software is the contract. Starting with the Ordering Officer, who creates the requirement, through to budgeting, funding, approvals, bid evaluations, contract award and performance, invoice and closeout, every touchpoint of the entire acquisition process occurs within the system. So, the software really is the contract, and the contract is the software.

Custom Workflows

The secret of OAS is the workflow process. Every acquisition transaction is routed from the initiator, through the approval process, out to the vendor and back. Every stop in the workflow is managed within the system. Workflows are created for every participant. Transactions occur in real time. No emails. No sneaker-net. No dusty in-baskets. Virtually instantaneous transport to every stop of every transaction. Best of all, everyone involved in any part of the process is always in the loop.

OAS Use Cases

OAS is well positioned to solve a variety of needs for the military, Federal and local government and the private sector as well. Here are a few examples of OAS at work:

  • US Navy—Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul (MRO) Contract Management
  • US Air Force—Supply and Inventory Management
  • US Army—Supply Service Schedule Management, Contract Closeout
  • Private Sector
    • Sub-Contractor Management
    • Construction and Maintenance Contracts
    • Product Catalog Automation and Tracking

The more OAS features that are used the greater the savings.