Open Concurrent Contract Management

Transforming contract change management, including spreadsheets

OCCM system is an innovative approach to processing, handling multiple contract changes, reporting, and updating other systems in the enterprise

The motto of OCCM is "Eliminate the Spreadsheets." Why? OCCM addresses the challenge of data management in contract files and project documents. By introducing an efficient means to record contract changes, adjudicate, budget, execute, and export the data, OCCM diminishes the need to record hundreds of changes and sub-changes into flat-file formats

What is OCCM?

OCCM is a web-based application for business process automation in the area of contract change management accessible via most modern browsers. The system consists of the interface and the API layer

How is OCCM Deployed?

OCCM can be hosted on any cloud infrastructure. OCCM can be hosted on-premises. nGAP also offers OCCM as SaaS

How can OCCM work with your existing business systems?

OCCM can work with your contracting writing system by supplementing, enhancing the change management capability, or filling a capability gap. OCCM can integrate via our robust API layer, database level hooks, and ESB software. OCCM can pull large data sets, process the documents, and export the data back to the original database. OCCM can work either as a full software application or just as an API web service

Does OCCM adapt?

Yes, OCCM is constantly evolving. It is developed with AGILE in mind. nGAP regularly pushes out updates on 15 or 30-day cycles. The software is designed to be agency agnostic; the internal business rules are set to conform to a particular organization.

How Secure is OCCM?

OCCM follows the NIST 800-171 guidelines. OCCM out of the box is designed for unclassified confidential information but can be configured for moderate impact with a focus on record-by-record access control levels and encryption. OCCM data is encrypted in rest and flight. OCCM minimizes the need in all aspects for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data or sensitive data

OCCM in a nutshell


Maintaining your contract file is critical

OCCM helps by managing changes to your contract file, whether paper or electronic, you need the assurance of knowing your records are up-to-date

Getting approvals quickly for changes on time-sensitive availabilities is essential

OCCM improves approval cycles by providing approving stakeholders the essential information to decide on a clear, contextual, streamlined, and efficient format

Supporting and contributing to fleet and organization readiness is paramount

OCCM supports and drives readiness by improving the efficiency of Contract Change Management. Everything from unilateral and bilateral modifications, invoices, and contract close-out provide your stakeholders with critical availability work package changes. The information promptly enables them to make confident decisions that affect the warfighter, the fleet, the Navy, and the country

Seamlessly communicating data cross the organizational business systems is critical for process improvement

OCCM automates the tasks of manual data entry, data formatting, form entry, and communications. It reduces the administrative hours in data housekeeping. Let OCCM take care of your data management so you can focus on what is critical; supporting the warfighter