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Solutions that fit your business needs. Transforming contract change management, including spreadsheets.

Contract Lifecycle Management

From managing the purchase of office supplies, furniture and equipment in the corporate world, to acquiring a new aircraft for the Air Force, the Open Acquisition System keeps all users involved with real-time transactions and workflow responsibilities.

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The Software is the Contract

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Custom Workflows

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OAS Use Cases

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Open Acquisition System Enterprise

Lifecycle management of the acquisition process

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Open Concurrent Contract Management

Handling multiple contract changes, reporting, and updating

The Open Acquisition System (OAS) provides lifecycle management of the acquisition process. From managing the purchase of office supplies, furniture and equipment in the corporate world, to acquiring a new aircraft for the Air Force, the Open Acquisition System keeps all users involved with real-time transactions and workflow responsibilities. The system is completely transparent to stakeholders and senior managers providing immediate big picture answers as well as finite details. The Open Acquisition System is also an auditor’s dream.



Our software is available for use from most any platform, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It is browser based so all you ever need is an internet connection.


Whatever the contract type your organization needs, OAS has it available, built-in. Contract types include IDV, IDIQ and BPA.


Start small and grow or start large and grow larger. Regardless of the organization’s size or location, your organization will never out-grow OAS.


The system works beautifully for the Department of Defense, Federal and local governments and the private sector of Corporate America.


As in cloud-based and like all web-based applications, there are no client-based applications to worry about. All data is stored in the cloud, no need to worry about desktop failures or backups.


Custom workflows for every functional area help keep the acquisition process organized and efficient by routing documents effortlessly and instantly.


Get answers immediately because OAS data transactions happen in real-time. All information is updated instantly for all users and stakeholders.


Cost is scaled to the usage via subscription, per user or per transaction. Pay only for what is needed for your organization.


The system is welcoming to the basic data that every organization needs for the procurement process. OAS holds projects, product catalogs, vendor information, budgets, and of course users, approvers and stakeholders.


Built into the system are regulations, error checking, workflow approver checks and balances.


The system is intuitively designed for the end user’s convenience and ease of use. As such there is very little training needed and most users will need only minutes to become acquainted.


The system can be installed at user’s server farm, Amazon Web Services or nGAP systems, depending on what is best for the organization.

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See OAS Enterprise in Action

Schedule a demo today. Get answers to your unique questions, and find out why OAS is the right choice for your business.


OCCM - Open Concurrent Contract Management

OCCM system is an innovative approach to processing and handling multiple contract changes, reporting, and updating other systems in the enterprise. The motto of OCCM is "Eliminate the Spreadsheets." Why? OCCM addresses the challenge of data management in contract files and project documents. By introducing an efficient means to record contract changes, adjudicate, budget, execute, and export the data, OCCM diminishes the need to record hundreds of changes and sub-changes into flat-file formats.

What is OCCM?

OCCM is a web-based application for business process automation in the area of contract change management accessible via most modern browsers. The system consists of the interface and the API layer.

Does OCCM adapt?

Yes, OCCM is constantly evolving. It is developed with AGILE in mind. nGAP regularly pushes out updates on 15 or 30-day cycles. The software is designed to be agency agnostic; the internal business rules are set to conform to a particular organization.

How is OCCM Deployed?

OCCM can be hosted on any cloud infrastructure. OCCM can be hosted on-premises. nGAP also offers OCCM as SaaS.

How Secure is OCCM?

OCCM follows the NIST 800-171 guidelines. OCCM out of the box is designed for unclassified confidential information but can be configured for moderate impact with a focus on record-by-record access control levels and encryption. OCCM data is encrypted in rest and flight. OCCM minimizes the need in all aspects for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data or sensitive data.

How can OCCM work with your existing business systems?

OCCM can work with your contracting writing system by supplementing and enhancing the change management capability or filling a capability gap. OCCM can integrate via our robust API layer, database level hooks, and ESB software. OCCM can pull large data sets, process the documents, and export the data back to the original database. OCCM can work either as a full software application or just as an API web service.

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Learn how the U.S. Government should manage acquisition in a dynamic and often challenging environment

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