nGAP Announces Services in Mexico

OAS is being implemented at the Secretary of Education and Culture (SEC), Sonora, Mexico. The SEC is the state of Sonora’s Department of Education and Culture, and supports over 4,500 schools and 3 universities.

The goal is to implement and optimize a new acquisition solution to replace the current system at the SEC. This effort has required close cooperation between nGAP and SEC personnel from several departments. nGAP has incorporated custom SEC procurement forms into a branded SEC website that runs the OAS software.

One of the milestones has been integration with government financial systems that will facilitate the timely and accurate assignment of funds to all purchases.

Training has been completed for Service, Purchasing, Contracts, and IT staff. Ongoing training will continue until all SEC staff who will support local and departmental requirements for the over 4,500 schools have been certified on using the OAS/platform.

OAS’ SaaS (software as a service) model will mean that the SEC will receive all desired functionality, training, maintenance, and upgrades for a low transaction fee. OAS will never become a legacy system because it will be continually updated as required. This is a significant value add that contributes significantly to the Agency’s ROI (return on investment).

It should be noted that transparency and accountability, as required by the Federal Transparency Commission of Mexico is now the law of the land and the topic of the day. OAS will enable the SEC to show its leadership in this critical area of legislated public policy.

nGAP would like to express our thanks to the many people who were involved in this process and to the Secretary of Education and Culture (SEC).