Advancing US Navy Fleet Operational Availablity by Improving Private Shipyard Contracting Strategy

nGAP is proud to highlight an article published in the prestigious Naval Engineering Journal(NEJ), part of the American Society of Naval Engineers(ASNE), on private shipyard contracting strategy and fleet operational availability.

The paper was a joint effort between nGAP's Mason Beninger, Dr. Kaitlynn M. Castelle, Dr. Joseph M. Bradley, and Mr. Sanjeev Gupta. The authors collectively brought together expertise in complex system governance, supply chain management, agile contracting, and data governance. Before the article was published, the authors gave a conference presentation paper for the Fleet Maintenance and Modernization Symposium in August 2019.

The abstract of the paper is presented below. To see the full article, please visit the journal website. Please note that there is a paywall for accessing the journal.


Private Shipyard Contracting Agility to Improve Fleet Operational Availability

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) faces challenges in reforming shipyard contracting strategies to support the critical need of improving naval fleet availability. Operational Fleet material availability is reduced when actors of the NAVSEA production system operate in conflicting roles, regarding monitoring of quality, schedule, costs, and other strategic needs. Addressing the conditions of ship repair and modernization requires increased system-wide alignment to improve delivery performance, cost, and throughput. Increased agility in procurement and acquisition is explored as a strategy for improving requirements flexibility, data records sharing, management of risk at appropriate levels, and policy collaboration. This paper proposes strategies to increase alignment between NAVSEA and private shipyards, supported by an analytical, evidence-based approach.

Ship-To-Work Package Simple Overview

Ship-to-Work Package Simple Overview Chart

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