nGAP is Looking for a Few Good Men and Women

With new opportunities continually presenting themselves across an increasing set of foreign countries, nGAP recognizes the need to find good people with backgrounds in Information Technology and Business Development that also have the skills to work in diverse multi-cultural environments.

nGAP employees include several fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Marketing materials and product guides are produced in multiple languages. Product Development creates solutions that are implemented in several languages.

The key to maintaining success in our global initiatives is to find and retain unique individuals who can thrive in dynamic circumstances that include rapidly shifting priorities and new skills development.

nGAP is constantly looking for our next great employee. We look everywhere and seek to identify a pipeline of prospective employees through active recruiting processes.

One such activity, pictured below, was our recent trip to Coleman University to attend their recent Job Fair.

Due to the efforts of our staff several prospects were identified and will be vetted for the opportunities that are sure to arise in the near future.

Anyone interested in finding out more about opportunities at nGAP should contact us at