Introducing OAS Concurrent Contract Modification (CCM)

nGAP is pleased to announce an exciting enhancement to the OAS product - Concurrent Contract Modification (CCM).

CCM supports very large Department of Defense (DoD) program requirements. Large programs mean large contracts and many (and large) contractors. This means lots of changes to projects and contracts that are worked in a parallel (concurrent) fashion by a multitude of program team members, supporting contractors, and specialists. Some software providers claim to have CCM functionality but none are currently considered adequate. That is why nGAP has created OAS CCM – the opportunity was there to create a differentiator in a significant market segment.

Changes to changes, changes initiated by more than one person, complications of changes on program and vendor work schedules, and more, create a major challenge to delivering programs on budget and on schedule. In addition, the understandable lag in time between contract changes and invoices for work done complicates spending management as well as auditability of projects and contracts.

CCM addresses these and many other issues using Agile software development practices that accelerate delivery of working software as well as quick enhancements on a continuing basis. CCM can also provide reports on spending at every level throughout the program life, as well as produce information that can help create a better picture of lessons learned that can reduce costs and delivery schedule for future units for the same program.

The attached file will help identify the challenges that require CCM functionality, and describe the solution proposed by CCM.

If you have any questions on CCM, please contact Tom Graham at 760-594-1003.