nGAP Incorporated Launches Procurement Solution in Conjunction with Brazilian Partners

nGAP Incorporated announces an initiative to introduce its OAS procurement management solution in Brazil.

OAS, otherwise known as the Open Acquisition System, is a comprehensive platform for managing procurements. In addition to enabling users to save on procurement costs, OAS is also a platform for minimizing losses from fraud, waste, and abuse.

Our Brazilian partners reflect OAS’ strong commitments to security, management, transparency, and accountability:

  • Central de Inteligencia e Estrategia (CIE) provides complete management platforms to organize, integrate, and automatically update critical information. CIE is experienced in supporting government organizations.
    • CEO: Roger Teixeira
  • E-NetSecurity Solutions provides a portfolio of solutions, including security consultants and certified Digital Forensic Analysis experts to combat illicit digital security breaches.
    • CEO: Wanderson Castilho
  • Priamo provides a wide range of accounting and tax services, with a focus on compliance with federal and state legislation.
    • CEO: Fabio Machado

nGAP will focus its efforts on city and state requirements for managing procurement costs, and capturing data in a structured format that will enable internal and external stakeholders to insure the best use of limited public funds. nGAP’s partners will work with us to identify prospects that can benefit from adding OAS to our partners’ own offerings to create enhanced solutions. nGAP partners will also provide expertise to understand the needs of Brazilian customers and help translate those needs into offerings that support current economic challenges.

nGAP and our Brazilian partners are very pleased to combine our unique experiences, and believe this team will be of great service to all our OAS users.