The WEST 2020 Symposium Post-press

The WEST 2020 Conference Theme is: Are We Ready to Confront Great Power Competition? We feel confident to say that nGAP can answer this question with a big, YES!

Attending this conference has brought even more recognition to nGAP; with over 400 exhibitors, our unique acquisition software stood out. Our goal is to become the leadership in the Government Acquisition Software Industry and we can proudly say that we have taken big strides to meet this goal.

Mr Mason Beninger conducted several on-the-spot demonstrations, with each person interested to learn more about what we can do to help them with various issues they are having with their current acquisition systems.

Our COO, Mr Thomas Graham and VP of Business Development, Mr. Ed Shapiro, attended a series of discussions regarding the current and future challenges that the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard face. They both walked away with a list of decision makers who are eager for a second meeting.

The abundance of people who came by our booth were warmly greeted by our other booth crew , Ms. Sandra Cota and Mr. Ryan Gonzales, who worked very hard undertaking several different tasks keeping everything organized and running smooth.

This year WEST 2020 conference was such a big hit that Miss Cota pre-booked our booth for the WEST 2021!! An even better booth location and with even greater opportunities!

If you are interested in a demonstration of our software, please contact Mr Ed Shapiro at or call 408-828-6848

Left to Right

Back row - Ryan Gonzales, Thomas Graham and Sandra Cota

Front Row - Ed Shapiro and Mason Beninger