nGAP Joins the Navy IWRP Consortium

Febuary 22nd 2020

nGAP Joins the Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP)

nGAP is proud to join and participate in the IWRP to solve challenges in information warfare to enhance Navy and Marine Corps mission effectiveness.

The consortium opens the door for collaboration and research with other members and government stakeholders into applying new technology and rapidly fielding solutions to Navy and Marine Corps warfighters.

nGAP offers its insights, technology, and expertise in solving logistics, procurement, and data processing challenges

About the IWRP

The IWRP is a US Navy Other-Transaction-Agreement(OTA) consortium. It allows collaboration between traditional defense contractors, non-traditional defense contractors, and academia.

The consortium focuses on research projects such as:

  • Cyber Warfare
  • Data Science
  • Assured Communications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Resource Tools

For information on the IWRP, please visit their website.